Peace versus Happiness

There is a difference between being alert and conscious of your surrounding, and being distracted by thoughts, doubts, and illusions.  There is a great analogy I want to use from one of the famous stories from the Bible. In the Gospels, there is a story about Jesus walking on water while his disciples spot him from a boat.  His closest disciple, Peter, asks Jesus if Peter could approach  him by also walking on water.

Now, at this moment, did Jesus tell him: “No, no, no! Don’t do that! You will drown!” ? Or did Jesus say : “Are  you sure you want to come and walk on water?” ?

No, Jesus did not say anything like that.  How did Jesus respond? He said one simple word: “Come!”

So Peter got off the boat and started walking towards Jesus… on water.  How did he do this? By focusing on Jesus.  Again, by focusing on Jesus.  And what does that mean?

This is not a religious post preaching about following Jesus.  Bare with me for a moment. If you haven’t stopped reading so far, you are about to find out what this post is really about. …

There are many stories and teaching inside and outside of the Bible that can be used to describe what I am talking about here.  Focusing on Jesus was all Peter needed to do to remain calm,  stable and walking forward.  In our current lives, we would also need to focus and be aware of the Present moment, in order to remain calm and stable.  But as soon as Peter looked down and was “distracted” by the waters and his current circumstance, he began to feel fear, panic, and began to sank.  Jesus had to then reach down and rescue Peter from his “distraction.”

It is easy to lose tract of the present moment by paying attention to our thoughts, doubts and illusions.  But remaining conscious and aware of our surroundings will bring us peace and joy.  Not happiness.

Being happy depends on circumstances.

Being at peace does not.



What are your thoughts ?

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