I Don’t want to be Happy

Many people agree (if not everyone) that the main goal in life is to be happy.

Believe it or not, that is not my goal.

To be happy means that I am not only satisfied with the current circumstance,
but that I am indulged and pampered.

To be Happy is to have what I desire… to be where I want to be… to be what I want to be.

To be Happy is to have my wishes come true… my goals met… and my fears gone.

But being Happy depends on circumstances…. which can change any moment.

Being Happy is a temporary state. It does not last.

So what do I want? You may ask.

I don’t want anything. I just am who I can be. I am satisfied with the present moment.

I settle for what is…. Accept what I already have.

It is not happiness. It is more acceptance. It is joy.


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