The Need to Belong

  We are  all wanting to belong to a particular  idea .   We identify with a sports team by being fans and worshiping the team mascot.  Or we choose to identify with a political party and idolize the candidate that represents the party. Or we may want to identify with a specific religion or philosophy , and live our lives based on a set of values.  We can even identify with fashion, culture,or ethnicity.  All of this, simply to feel as if we belong ..

And why do we want to belong? So that we can feel secured and protected. So that we don’t feel alone and vulnerable.   We fear being alone.  We dont want to be different , to prevent being singled out, ridiculed, and marginalized.  We want to blend with the crowd. 


Feeding the ego

How did you feed the ego today..?

Did you make sure that everyone has noticed your skills by overemphasizing them ?

Or did you try to put someone else down to hide your own limitations?

Perhaps you made fun of others simply because you don’t fully understand them.

Or maybe you hide your feelings from others to prevent being hurt again.

Did you try to make other laugh to ensure you are accepted or that you belong  ?

Did you dress up flamboyantly so that others overlook your undesired image?

Did you mistreat or abuse others to hide your own weaknesses ?

Or maybe you pretend to agree with someone else’s inappropriate statement to avoid bring ridiculed?

Did you complete reading this list of self-evaluating questions , or did you stop reading because of fear of exposing your ego to your real self?