The Need to Belong

  We are  all wanting to belong to a particular  idea .   We identify with a sports team by being fans and worshiping the team mascot.  Or we choose to identify with a political party and idolize the candidate that represents the party. Or we may want to identify with a specific religion or philosophy , and live our lives based on a set of values.  We can even identify with fashion, culture,or ethnicity.  All of this, simply to feel as if we belong ..

And why do we want to belong? So that we can feel secured and protected. So that we don’t feel alone and vulnerable.   We fear being alone.  We dont want to be different , to prevent being singled out, ridiculed, and marginalized.  We want to blend with the crowd. 




  No matter what we do in our lives, we are worthy of respect.

We are human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and care.

In spite of our actions…. no matter if we do good or evil,

we are worthy.  We are valuable and important.

God, Higherpower, Universe, or whatever we call it,

values us… cares for us… loves us,  no matter what we do.

So, in order to live this worthiness, first we need to recognize it.

We need to embrace our worthiness, simply because we are humans.

Not because of what we do.   Not because of our intentions.

Our actions do not determine our worthiness.

It is not about our actions.  It is about who we are.

That’s the good news.