Thoughts that keep us from being Mindful  


Feeding the ego

How did you feed the ego today..?

Did you make sure that everyone has noticed your skills by overemphasizing them ?

Or did you try to put someone else down to hide your own limitations?

Perhaps you made fun of others simply because you don’t fully understand them.

Or maybe you hide your feelings from others to prevent being hurt again.

Did you try to make other laugh to ensure you are accepted or that you belong  ?

Did you dress up flamboyantly so that others overlook your undesired image?

Did you mistreat or abuse others to hide your own weaknesses ?

Or maybe you pretend to agree with someone else’s inappropriate statement to avoid bring ridiculed?

Did you complete reading this list of self-evaluating questions , or did you stop reading because of fear of exposing your ego to your real self?

Adjusting my thoughts


If I can recognize that  I am feeling     anxious because of the thoughts that I am having at the moment… Then why would I not determine how I feel by changing my thoughts …?

Let me explain… I am having thoughts  about my mother’s husband possible getting progressively sick with a cold and losing his life (he is of advanced  age) and this thought is causing anxiety.  Not because it is actually happening, but because I am thinking about the possibility.  In the event that it does occur,  couldn’t I also adjust my thoughts so that I don’t feel as much anxiety?

I am convinced that feelings are caused by my thoughts . So, whatever I am thinking , “good” or “bad” , will determine my feeling.

Is it possible to train myself so that I can feel  whatever I choose to think about? If it is possible, then it will take practice.  Meditation, yoga, and a lot mindfulness.

I will let you know how I do  with this new task.