Thoughts that keep us from being Mindful  


Looking at the Big Picture: Part 2


Looking again at the Big Picture has been one of the most important lessons I have learned in life.    I have been contemplating on this concept in more depth.

When we have a problem, something that worries us, we tend to focus on that problem obsessively.  We don’t think about anything else except what worries us.   And while we continue to focus on this obsessive “problem”, we tend to miss everything else.  The rest of our lives which we miss is what I consider the Big Picture.

For example, I may start worrying about the car that I have in the shop under repair.  I would start worrying about how expensive it can be to repair it.  I can start obsessing about how I would go places without my car.  So I can go on and on focusing on the situation that I have chosen to identify as a problem.   But if I choose to Look at the Big Picture, I consider other situations that would give me a different perspective and therefore a new feeling.  I can choose to think about the good health I still have.  I can think about the job I still have.  I can think about the possibility of learning to catch the city bus or using a taxi.  I can so thinks of so many other scenarios that will diminish the stress of having my car in the shop.

Consider also how small our planet is compared to the rest of the universe.  When we think only about our community, our neighbor , or even our personal lives, we can easily become preoccupied with self righteousness and anxiety.  We can get easily upset when things don’t go our way and start feeling angry, anxious, or afraid.   But when we broaden our perspective to include the universe around us, we begin to see how miniature our worries are, and how small we really are.  Our “rights” become more insignificant.  The whole universe surrounds us and continues to function without caring about our individual preoccupations .  planet

When we also consider how we perceive ourselves individually and worry about our mortality , our fears can be alleviated by recognizing that we all experience the same fate of death and that we are simply in a journey to something bigger than our limited lives .

When we focus on our faults and shortcomings, we tend to put ourselves down. We tend to punish ourselves with rituals and traditions in an attempt to make things better. But again, when we look at the bigger picture , at the fact that we are all imperfect beings, and we all live on the same planet with almost identical needs, we can then begin to forgive ourselves (and others) and commune better with others.   We can begin to accept ourselves with our limitations.  We can better see the commonality among us.

So the next time you feel stressed, angry, or afraid, pay attention to what is it that you are thinking about.  What is it that you are looking at?  Are you looking at your individual preferences and desires?  Are you thinking only about your individual agenda?   And if so, consider looking instead at the Big Picture. 

The Beauty of the Present Moment

Every thought , every idea we have and memories, are not in the present moment.  We cannot experience the present moment if we are constantly thinking about other things, ideas … The only thing we can know for sure… what we can be certain of is what we are experiencing right now.

Everything else is an illusion .   A fantasy.  A fabrication of the mind.  Even if our thoughts and ideas seem like they are tangible and sometimes objective, the reality is that that they are simply subjective ideas.  Which can then create anxiety, sadness, and resentments.

Not all thoughts trigger anxiety and sadness; but being in the present moment never triggers these feelings.  Being in the present moment can only bring peace.

We can make ourselves feel peace and tranquility by simply being in the present.  Only with patience and practice can this be achieved.  As soon as we allow ourselves to focus on our thoughts, then we are prone to uncomfortable feelings.  We may start feeling insecure.  Sad.  Angry.  Anxious.

Focusing back in the present… the here and now, will bring contentment… and peace.

That’s the beauty of the Present Moment.


Adjusting my thoughts


If I can recognize that  I am feeling     anxious because of the thoughts that I am having at the moment… Then why would I not determine how I feel by changing my thoughts …?

Let me explain… I am having thoughts  about my mother’s husband possible getting progressively sick with a cold and losing his life (he is of advanced  age) and this thought is causing anxiety.  Not because it is actually happening, but because I am thinking about the possibility.  In the event that it does occur,  couldn’t I also adjust my thoughts so that I don’t feel as much anxiety?

I am convinced that feelings are caused by my thoughts . So, whatever I am thinking , “good” or “bad” , will determine my feeling.

Is it possible to train myself so that I can feel  whatever I choose to think about? If it is possible, then it will take practice.  Meditation, yoga, and a lot mindfulness.

I will let you know how I do  with this new task.

Living the Moment…. Now

Living the moment…. right now…   Nothing else matters.. If I remain in the present.

This is the first post of this new blog.  I decided to start this new blog fresh.   The existence that I have experienced has lead me to this point in life.

These are the things I have learned to cherish and appreciate:

Life is what I make of it.. in my mind.

Simplicity is the key to happiness.

Wanting what I already have is also happiness.

Being in the present creates inner peace.

Mindfulness is the act of being in the present.

Resistance and expectations bring suffering.

Acceptance brings relief.

Meditation and yoga are wonderful activities.

Staying close to loved ones is healthy.

Letting go of the past is also healthy.

Refraining from focusing on the future is calming.

Living the moment is true life.

Until next time….